Become Henry-Wan Kenobi with this Kingdom Come: Deliverance lightsaber mod

Swordplay in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is both a challenging and satisfying experience. Apparently less satisfying, for some, is that the swords in the medieval RPG are made of metal and not brightly colored lasers. Modder UblichenVerdachtigen decided to use the Force and create a lightsaber mod, which replaces some of the game's swords (longswords, short swords, and sabers) with those famous glowing Jedi sticks.

The mod won't give you a complete Star Wars experience: there are no sizzling sound effects, the lightsabers don't retract into their handles when you're not using them (they are replacement models, after all), and you can still sharpen them at a grindstone, which you'd think a real lightsaber would simply melt into a blob of molten rock.

You can see more of the mod in action in this video from Jackie Fish on Youtube. (I made the above gif from his video.) You'll find the lightsaber models at Nexus Mods

And, if you're looking for more mods, check out our list of the best mods for Kingdom Come (so far). We've also got a guide for the game's available console commands.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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