Battlefield 5, Star Wars Battlefront, and more are now on Steam, and on sale

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

In case you had doubts that Electronic Arts was serious about going all-in on Steam, a new batch of games that arrived today should put them to rest. Today's releases include Star Wars: Battlefront, Mass Effect 3 and ME: Andromeda (ME1 and 2 were already there), and a big bunch of Battlefields—including Battlefield 5.

Here's the full list, all of them on sale for up to 75 percent off until July 9:

DLCs for many of them are also available, including the BF5 Starter Pack, the Mass Effect 3 DLC Bundle, and the free Community, Legacy, and Night Operations packs for Battlefield 4.

Last week, EA put more than a dozen of its previously Origin-only games on Steam including Dragon Age Inquisition, Crysis 3, and Need for Speed Heat, and said that more would follow in future batches like this one—so with any luck we'll see Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends turn up soon. It also said that future games will be released on Steam alongside other platforms, and that the subscription-based EA Access service—essentially the same as Origin Access, but for storefronts that aren't Origin—will be rolled out to Steam later this summer.

Andy Chalk

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