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Battle Worlds: Kronos hits Kickstarter target, queues up stretch goals for next turn

Battle Worlds

"We live in a culture of war," announces the morose narrator of this teaser trailer for Battle Worlds: Kronos. But is it a war that never changes ? A war that does change ? A war that is ONLY WAR ? It's not enough to just say you're defined by war; there's so much of it about these days that you need to get specific.

Ah, they have. The Kickstarter page for the now funded game announces exactly what sort of war we're dealing with: turn-based strategy war. Their initial pitch video shows off just what to expect:

"Staying true to turn-based strategy, Battle Worlds: Kronos is all about using your units and resources to the greatest possible effect. In order to win, you will need to consider factors like the positioning of units, attack range, armament and equipped upgrades. Victory or defeat - your tactics will decide."

As always, I'm raising an eyebrow at the implied suggestion that turn-based strategy, even of the more unit focused sort shown in the video, has somehow died. I can only imagine Unity of Command and March of the Eagles are waving from the flanks shouting "Hello? We exist too!" Meanwhile, XCOM's boarded the nearest UFO and flounced off in a huff. Surely it's just as effective, and more in touch with reality, to say something along the lines of: turn-based strategies are ace! Let's have more of them!

But my reservations about Kickstarter pitches aside, Battle Worlds looks promising. It's also funded, having raised the necessary $120,000 goal with 32 days remaining. Naturally, stretch goals are now in effect, with a new campaign and additional content planned at $170,000, cross-platform enabled tablet versions at $250,000 and a free add-on at $360,000.

You can see more of Battle Worlds: Kronos at its Kickstarter page .

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