Batman: Arkham Origins trailer introduces Copperhead

Batman: Arkham Origins is set during the Winter, which is a notoriously chilly time of year. Not that you'd know it from the game's superheroes and villains, who, judging by the trailers released so far, are all too happy to go gallivanting through Gotham in their skin-tight costumes. They'll catch their death, the poor dears. Copperhead is the latest assassin to show up for this climatically inappropriate fancy dress party, and is now forced to keep warm through the physical exertion of repeatedly kicking Batman.

That'll be the 'New 52' version of Copperhead - from the DC comics reboot of a couple of years ago - and as such, she's no longer a man in a snake costume. She's one of the eight assassins out to collect Black Mask's bounty for killing the Bats. Cue lots of punching.

Batman: Arkham Origins is due out October 25th.

Phil Savage

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