Batman: Arkham Knight trailer offers to even the odds

Arkham Knight will be the fourth game in the Arkham series, which means that, by this point, we already know there's going to be some brutal-looking fisticuffs. That gives Rocksteady the leisure of showing other things that the game will include: brooding, swooping and whirring, for instance. See all of the above in the new trailer.

This time, it'll be Scarecrow assembling the rogue's gallery of oddballs dedicated to thwarting the Man O' Bats. Penguin, Two-Face and Harley Quinn are all set to make an appearance, as is the titular Arkham Knight—the mysterious robo-suited baddy seen towards the end of the trailer.

Enough from me, with my passing familiarity for which costumed freak Batman is punching at any particular time. Our resident Batman experts have gone all out on Arkham Knight coverage. Sam offered up a detailed first-look report, interviewed Rocksteady's marketing producer , then sat down with Chris to speculate on the identity of the Arkham Knight .

Phil Savage

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