Batman: Arkham City is eight hours long, new trailer shows in-game footage

Batman Arkham City - sniper fail

Rocksteady say that Batman: Arkham City's single player story can be played through in eight hours, providing you don't spend any time sight-seeing, explore or doing any of the side missions. There's also a new trailer, showing some in-game footage, which you'll find embedded below.

Batman: Arkham City marketing manager Dax Ginn made the comments about Arkham Asylum's length in conversation with Gamerzines , where he mentioned that Rocksteady's QA testers are able to play through the game from start to finish in eight hours so long as they run straight through the narrative missions. For normal players, Ginn estimates that the game will last a lot longer.

“If you're exploring and trying new things, obviously that adds a lot to the experience and the game time. I would say for a normal player who knows their action-adventure games, between 20-24 hours.

“We don't want to make these huge games that take a huge chunk out of your life. We want to tell an amazing story that you can really enjoy and not feel like you've got to take six months off work in order to get through it.”

IGN have also thrown up the latest trailer for the game, showing some of the first in-game footage of Batman swooping through Gotham and bat-punching goons. If you're having trouble watching the embed below, you'll find the video over on IGN . Arkham City is due out on October 18 in the US, October 19 in Australia, and October 21 in Europe.

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