Avexir updates its flashy plasma-topped RAM to DDR4

One of my favorite spots at Computex 2015 was Avexir’s colorful RAM, some outfitted with LEDs, others crowned by a tube of flickering plasma. Unfortunately, this time last year most of Avexir’s memory output was still DDR3. When I stopped by Avexir’s booth at Computex this year, I was happy to see the company has been busy updating its memory to DDR4, with fancy LEDs intact.

The Raiden memory with its blue plasma tube is now available in DDR4-2666, 2800 and 3000 speeds. The Blitz series memory, which has glowy LED tracings around its body and looks like the RAM equivalent of a Transformer, goes up to DDR4-3600 speeds. It comes in red, gold, and white. Avexir’s Core RAM has a more conservative series of LEDs mounted to the top of the stick and also comes in blue.

Avexir also had a couple new designs to show off at Computex this year, including a red version of the Raiden as part of the Republic of Gamers program and a green equivalent it calls the Green Tesla. Conveniently colored for Team Red and Team Green case mods, so whether you’re building with Nvidia or AMD, they’ve got a stick for you.

Of course, if you don’t care about case modding you’ll be better off buying less expensive memory from a company like G.Skill or Kingston. But Computex is a case modder’s heaven, and the custom builds scattered throughout the show floor wouldn’t look as good without Avexir’s RAM. Keep it in mind next time you want to jazz up a new PC build.

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Wes Fenlon
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