Aussie 24-hour gaming marathon will raise money for disadvantaged families

What’s better than gaming for fun? Gaming for charity, that’s what, and our colleagues over are gearing up for a massive gaming marathon to raise money for The Terry Campese Foundation. Last year Player 2 raised over $3500, and for this year’s event, it’s hoping to beat the $4000 mark, and to give a massive helping hand to underprivileged families in the Canberra and Southern NSW regions.

“The chance to help out a charity such as Terry’s is an honour and a privilege” said Player 2 Editor, Matt Hewson, in a recent statement. “At Player 2, we often lament the lack of positive coverage our favourite hobby receives from mainstream media, so we feel it is our responsibility to lead by example.”

So how can you help? 

The gaming marathon kicks off on the 15th of September at 10am, local time, and goes for a full 24 hours, with a new game played every hour - and you can following along on the Player 2 Twitch channel. And if you need a better reason to pitch in, every donation over $2 goes into a massive prize draw. There are game books, games - like Far Cry 5 and Nier Automata - and even a Pip-Boy 3000 to be won. There’s over 200 items, so they’re pretty good odds. You can learn more about the event at .