Zotac brought the biggest graphics card I've ever seen to Computex 2018

Zotac has made some big graphics cards in its day. The 980 Ti Amp! Extreme? That was a three slot card, three fans, almost 13 inches long and five inches wide. Between the radiator and the hefty backplate, it could almost certainly be used as a bludgeoning weapon. Maybe even stop a bullet. And the 1080 Ti version? Even bigger. But this… this must be the biggest graphics card Zotac has ever made. Just look at the thing.

What a monster! Let's get a closer look:

Have you ever seen a graphics card that big? I haven't. If I could run those fans all the time, I wouldn't need any other cooling in my house. And cranking a game up to max settings and running the GPU could probably provide plenty of heat in winter, too. 

Only problem is, I don't think it'll quite fit into my current PC case. Probably gonna need a new one. And a new motherboard. Do you think that's a standardized jumbo PCIe slot size? Hopefully my neighbors won't be too mad if I take this thing home and accidentally cause a blackout.

Jokes aside, here's the current PC business in a nutshell: even a fake graphics card has working RGBs on it.

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