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You can't play Stellaris yet, but here are three hours of footage


You're pretty damned excited about Paradox's upcoming grand strategy 4X, Stellaris. This I know because 1) it's damned exciting, 2) you clicked on this link, and 3) because you're only human. You can't play Stellaris before May 9, but you can watch other people play it, and absorb that strategy goodness via osmosis.

Paradox has been streaming Stellaris over on Twitch, and there at least three hours of recent footage for you to pore over. Before you do, you should read Chris Livingston's expertly arranged GDC words, which over a lovely overview of the game, and why it's so promising.

Anyway, here's an hour-long stream from last week:

And here's the archive of a two-hour livestream recorded a couple of days ago. It's being uploaded to YouTube chunks at a time, and here's the first part:

There's going to be a two-hour livestream every week until Stellaris' release, which is nice. Unless you don't want to be spoiled, in which case it's exquisite agony. (Much like all these Dark Souls 3 videos doing the rounds.)