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You can now swim in ponds, rivers, and oceans with this Stardew Valley mod

I can't imagine the fatigue of working on the farm during Stardew Valley's sweltering Summers, so why not give your pixelated farmer a bit of a break? With this Stardew Valley mod simply called 'Swim', you can now take a refreshing dip in Pelican Town's various cooling waters. Created by aedenthorn, this mod lets you swim anywhere where there is water, meaning you can now jump into any river, pond, lake and ocean you choose.

To begin swimming, you need to approach any pool of water, press the J key and your character will switch into swimwear and jump right in. And that's not even the best part—not only can you now traverse water, this mod also lets you dive beneath the surface of the ocean and mountain lake. 

When you dive, you're given a huge breath meter based on your character's stamina, giving you plenty of time to explore. You can pick up items from the ocean floor like shells, algae, sea urchins, and treasure chests. You can use tools underwater too, that lets you mine for precious materials that you run into. You'll also befriend a group of curious fishes who follow you around as you explore. 

If you want to try this Stardew Valley swim mod, check out its Nexus mod page with more information about how to download it. If you're after other fantastic mods check out our best Stardew Valley mods list.  A couple of my favourite mods have been the mod that adds six new cute stores to the base game, and a mod that adds a cosy cafe run by twins.