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Watch the first Destiny 2 PC footage in all its 4K, 60 fps glory

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Nvidia has supplied our first look at Destiny 2 on PC with a video showing off 4K, 60 fps gameplay. Bump YouTube's quality selector up to 1440p or 4K to see how disgustingly smooth Bungie's return to PC can look—at least on the right hardware.

The specs of the capture PC aren't included in the video's description, but we assume this is running on a GTX 1080 Ti or two.

E3 attendees will be able to capture more Destiny 2 PC footage throughout the show, and we'll update this article as new clips come in. Last night, we learned that the PC version will release a little under two months after the console version, on October 24. We also posted a lengthy interview with game director Luke Smith, addressing PC features, and what's new since the first game.

Tyler Wilde

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