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Watch the Destiny 2: Forsaken combat reveal livestream here

The Destiny 2 Year 2 combat reveal livestream, a showcase of the changes coming with the release of Forsaken, will take place at 10 am PT/1 pm ET today, and you can watch it with us.

Bungie hinted at some of the high points last week, including Destiny 1-style weapon loadouts and a potentially significant reduction in time-to-kill. It also confirmed at the same time that some Year 1 kit will be retired (but may return, "not exactly as you remember them," throughout Year 2) and that all Year 1 gear that carries over can be infused to higher power levels. I expect that Bungie will hit on these points during the stream as well. 

For those who can't watch live, we'll have a rundown of all that's said during the stream when it's over. For those who can watch, it's below.

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