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Watch a guy sit in a chair in the BioWare Holiday Livestream

Some years ago, an enterprising individual came up with the brilliant idea of videotaping a burning yule log, and then selling it to folks in the festive mood who weren't fortunate enough to own a real fireplace of their own. Today, BioWare has taken that concept one step further with what is, so far at least, a surreal holiday livestream patterned after Nick Offerman's 2015 stunt. I give you: The official BioWare Holiday Guy in a Chair. 

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Who is this Heroic Holiday Man? I have no idea. The video has been running for about 30 minutes as I write this, and so far I've seen him move twice, once to get up and turn over the album, and then again to take a drink from his mug. And he blinks occasionally. That's it.

If you need a reason to watch beyond the surreal simplicity of the moment, BioWare has also been flashing notices of other holiday happenings, including a plush Krogan giveaway currently being offered through its Twitter feed. I have no idea how long this feed is going to last, though, so my advice is to embrace the moment, and enjoy it while you can.