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Watch a Dishonored player destroy the final level in style


Spoilers for the final level of Dishonored, natch.

About a month ago, we posted StealthGamerBR's absurd takedown of Daud's forces in Dishonored's Flooded District mission. Now, we get to see similar treatment of the game's last level. There's blood for the blood god, limbs for the limb god, bullets for the bullet god, and plenty of other creative killings performed in worship of their respective deities, probably.

And hey, while we're here, let's also post this other high-chaos stealth montage from a few weeks ago.

And... Actually, here's a link to StealthGamerBR's channel, featuring plenty of cool murder montages and a gratifying lack of unbearably smug commentary. Good work, person who is much better at games than me.

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