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Wargaming is bringing its new team-based shooter to Gamescom

Caliber, Wargaming and 1C's team-based military shooter, will be shown off at Gamescom now that it's been put through its paces by testers in the CIS. Instead of tanks, you'll play boring old fleshy humans in AI battles or in 4v4 PvP fights, with each player taking on a specific role. 

Soldiers can be picked from a list of special forces like the Navy SEALs and GROM, complete with cosmetic touches and authentic loadouts, depending on the role. The roles are your usual suspects of Assault, Support, Medic and Sniper, and according to the announcement trailer they all come with special abilities 

It's tactical and focuses on the interplay between the four spec-op buddies, apparently, neither of which make it stand out when all the other team-based military shooters do the same. If there's a hook, hopefully we'll see it later this month. 

You can sign up here if you fancy updates and a chance to check out the closed beta. There's no release date yet, but it will be free-to-play. 


Fraser Brown
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