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Vertical gunboot shooter Downwell is out now


Downwell has one of the best video game names, because it is a video game about falling down a well. Unlike most people who fall down wells, the hero of Downwell has a pair of gunboots, meaning he can shoot bullets to keep himself aloft. He can also use his gunboots to murder his enemies, because they are guns.

That well is procedurally generated, by the way. And during your descent you can find upgrades, items, and visit a shop that sells you stuff you might need. So it's *whisper* you know, a bit of a roguelike. "STOP CALLING EVERYTHING A ROGU"-oh god.

Anyway. Downwell is out now, on Steam and on mobile telephones. Phil added some cool gifs in the last news post about the game, and I don't know how to do that, so if you want to see some cool gifs, click this link. I'm going to embed the launch trailer instead.