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Ubisoft release "critical" day-one patch for Far Cry 3

With Far Cry 3 launching tomorrow, Ubisoft have released a day one (technically a day minus-one) "critical update" to fix various issues in the game. According to them, the patch "needs to be installed in order to benefit from an optimal game experience."

While the majority of changes are geared towards the multiplayer side of the game, or make small fixes and tweaks to the single player, it's the rather unspecific "improved game stability and performance" boost that is likely to be the source of Ubi's urgency over the release. Here's the full list:



  • Improved overall Multiplayer stability and performance.
  • Added SHOW TOP, SHOW YOU, PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN options in Leaderboards.
  • Fix the voice chat issue that would mute players by default.
  • Lobby chat can now be accessed when a controller is connected.


  • Fixed graphical issues on loading screen hints.
  • Fixed the issue that would prevent maps from being displayed or randomized the first time a user enters Public Co-op.
  • Health regeneration option no longer has inverted functionality.
  • "Flare gun" kills are no longer considered as Assist kills.


  • Fixed ground texture resolution.
  • Grass surrounding fire spawns no longer remain red on Firestorm maps.


  • Improved white objects thumbnails legibility.
  • Users can now start a private match in 1 player on user created maps.


  • Improved game stability and performance.
  • Fixed issues with flickering on specific water textures.
  • Fixed small UI glitches related to different display resolutions.
  • “Weapon cache” mission: Mission Zone and Mission Marker no longer stays on mini-map and on screen after mission completion.
  • Crafting items are now auto selected when entering a new crafting category.
  • Added sound when zooming in and out the camera with the mouse scroll button.

The patch should auto-download from Uplay when you start the game. Should you need to manually download it for any reason, you can grab it from the Far Cry 3 updates page.

Phil Savage
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