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Total War: Rome 2 trailer celebrates the betrayal of Caesar, the launch of the game

Et tu, CA? In a tradition dating back to roughly 44 BC, the developers of Total War: Rome 2 are celebrating the launch of their game with a trailer. If you can tear your eyes away from the sight of Steam downloading, unlocking, or perhaps even playing their latest strategy lasagne*, spare some time for a CGI retelling of ancient history. As with all of history, everybody dies.

If you'd prefer to see some footage of the game as she is played, you can do that too.

The game is now available as a Steamworks package, for £29.99/$59.95. Should you get it? Tom Senior's review revealed a game with some AI oddities, that nevertheless offered the series' best empire management and land-battles.

*Because it's layered, see? Look, it's still early.

Phil Savage
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