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Total War: Rome 2 release date set for September, pre-order pack and collector's edition detailed

Close up Carthage! Seal Sparta! Evacuate Egypt! Close the gates of Gaul! Sega have announced the date that Total War: Rome II will be sending its Roman invaders charging out into the world. Creative Assembly's imperial sequel will begin its unstoppable march through Europe, and the rest of the world, from September 3rd.

In addition, Sega have revealed that pre-orderers will get the first DLC, the Greek States Culture Pack, for free. The pack adds three more playable factions to Rome II's roster - Epirus, Athens and Sparta - and each comes with unique units, buildings and missions. Here's a shot of the Spartans at their most hospitable. Grrr, etc.

Alternatively, if you really want to go overboard, there's the £110 Collector's Edition , which includes the board game (and Backgammon prequel) Tabula, a Total War card game, canvas map and working mini-seige catapult. Perfect for ambushing any rogue cats sneaking up on your keyboard during your intricately planned campaign.

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Phil Savage
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