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This Minecraft build puts you in a stunning H.R. Giger theme park

I've been on a bit of a Minecraft build download frenzy this past week, downloading as many aquatic deep-sea worlds, impressive historical castles, and bafflingly detailed cities as my computer save space can handle. One world that I was not expecting to find was Everbloom Games' A Tribute to H.R Giger, a Minecraft build that recreates the dark, biomechanical art of H.R Giger. 

Everbloom Games is made up of professional Minecraft builders and A Tribute to H.R Giger is just one of the team's many works. One of their projects, Echoes from the Deep, is an intricate underwater empire complete with sea monsters and alien plant life. Another one, Symbiosis, is an epic battle on a monumental scale frozen in time. The scope of these builds is mind-bending and each one acts as an impressive testament to the team's work, although A Tribute to H.R Giger is definitely their darkest build.

The best Minecraft seeds and builds capture a sense of openness and playfulness, but this Giger-inspired map does quite the opposite. Its huge cavernous hallways capture Giger's dark and oppressive work. There are exoskeleton horrors embedded in the walls and a giant industrial human face looms down from the top of the structure. It's completely different from the fantastical fairytale worlds and tropical islands I've had the pleasure of exploring.

A Tribute to H.R Giger and the team's other Minecraft builds are free to download on Everbloom Games' website. If you're up for more Gigerness, check out Scorn's extremely moist trailer that was featured in Microsoft's Inside Xbox livestream. 

Here are some highlights from the A Tribute to H.R Giger trailer:

(Image credit: Everbloom Games)

(Image credit: Everbloom Games)

(Image credit: Everbloom Games)