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The Walking Dead episode five due next week

The final episode of The Walking Dead, "No Time Left," will arrive next week. On Wednesday November 21, to be exact, according to a tweet from Telltale spotted by Joystiq . Will any of the characters make it out alive? Will YOU make it out alive? Or without screaming "nyoooo" at the loss of another comrade, or without shedding a tear for all those zombies you've murdered?

Almost certainly not, I'd wager. Though I haven't played episode four, so as far as I know everyone could already be dead and the fifth episode is three hours of empty parking lots and sad violins. It feels like Telltale have finally nailed the episodic adventure game format they've been playing with for the past few years so, unsurprisingly, there will be more. Senior Telltale marketing man, Steve Allison, told Polygon that "this will not be the last The Walking Dead game series that we do." Woot.

Tom Senior
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