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The Super Nintendo World theme park is under construction in Minecraft

Minecraft Super Nintendo World
(Image credit: Dippy22/Mojang)
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Unless you're currently living in Japan, your chances of heading to the new Super Nintendo World park when it opens on February 4 are pretty darn slim. But thanks to a group of creative Minecrafters, the park can soon be experienced from the comfort of your own home.

Planet Minecraft's Dippy22 has been working on a 1:1 faithful recreation of the upcoming Super Nintendo World Japan park. It's not fully finished yet, currently sitting at around 45% completion, according to the Planet Minecraft page (thanks PCGamesN.)

(Image credit: Dippy22/Mojang)

Areas like Toad's cafe, Peach's castle, and the Mario and Luigi Meet and Greet have been built. While it's not quite ready to be visited by the masses right now, Dippy provided an update on January 28, which says they hope to soon open the server for previews.

This isn't the first time Dippy has tackled Super Nintendo World, having already built a fan adaptation back in 2019 based on concept art for the park. They've also taken on some other pretty huge projects, like a 1:1 recreation of Earth and a near-perfect rendition of PewDiePie's survival server.

(Image credit: Dippy22/Mojang)

The build is a collaborative effort, with Dippy encouraging any budding builders to get stuck in with helping to craft the park. You can volunteer to help or check out progress on the community Discord.If all this blocky goodness has gotten you in an arty mood, check out some of our favourite servers that truly flex those creative muscles.

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