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The Flock trailer shows atmospheric asymmetrical online horror

The Flock thumb

This trailer for The Flock, an upcoming (deep breath) first person asymmetrical multiplayer indie horror, plays out in two parts. There's the first minute and a half, in which you're struck by a vague appreciation of something that looks atmospherically creepy in a non-specific way. Then there's the second half, as the developer explains the concept and, oh gods, now it's extremely creepy in a very specific way.

Players initially take the role of the titular flock, the decrepit survivors of 3000 AD. To win, you must find and hold the Light Artefact, which transforms you into a more human-looking Carrier. As the Carrier, you're less agile than the remaining flock, all of whom are trying to kill you.

As defence, you can use the light from the artefact to instantly kill players. But only if they're moving. If a member of the flock stands still, he's unaffected by the beam.

A bit like the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who then, before their repeated and increasingly ridiculous appearances made them seem kind of dumb. Despite the comparison, however, Vogelsap's Jeroen van Hasselt and Bo Zonneveld can claim a more unusual origin story for the central idea:

"The idea of The Flock itself ignited when Jeroen and Bo were mind-fucking each other and were thinking about a visible way to anticipate each others moves. Out of this came the idea to use light to show where you are looking. Now the light needed to have meaning and power, so what if you had to get to the person with the light, but are not allowed to move in the light?"

Whatever the inspiration, it sounds like a promising concept, opening the possibility for tense, psychological scares.

For more on The Flock, head to the developer's website .

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