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The explosive wizard roguelike Noita is leaving Early Access next month

Noita, the action game where every pixel is physically simulated, is leaving Steam Early Access on October 15. To celebrate the wizard-sim's full release, developer Nolla Games has released a dazzling new trailer linked above. Check it out if you want to know the full extent of what "every pixel is physically simulated" looks like.

1.0 will be the roguelike's biggest update yet and include new enemies, perks, music, and 20 new spells to your wizard's arsenal. Nolla Games says there's also a new game mode but the studio is keeping quiet on what it will be.

Playing as a chaotic mage, players have the ability to cast magical spells on the world around them with unpredictable, often hazardous, results. Delving deeper into the procedurally generated cavern, your mage needs to get as far as they can without causing too much of a beautiful disaster. 

It's definitely a roguelike with flair. Noita's colourful explosions and bombastic chaos is something that players have enjoyed since the game first went into early access last September. When James played Noita, he described it as, "a hilarious, horrifying wizard death experiment" which sums up the game perfectly.

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