Noita players are sharing beautiful, explosive gifs

(Image credit: Noita)

Noita meticulously simulates interactions between different substances. Fire chews through wood and devours whisky in a flash. Blood and venom flow and pool realistically, falling through cracks and splashing against the caves' craggy surfaces. Introduce an explosive element like, say, a magic wand that spits fire, and you have a recipe for beautiful and highly giffable disaster. 

A post-launch update gave players option to capture and export gifs of the most hectic moments in a run. There are loads of great examples on Reddit, imgur, and gfycat, and I've grabbed a few of the best for you to enjoy. If you're averse to explosions, look away now. Our first gif, courtesy of Reddit user bvenjamin, gives us a suitable hellish start.

As you explore the caves you find wands with random effects. If you like to play dangerously you can skip the wand's stats and just shoot it to see what happens. Sometimes what happens is this, via dagw27.

Noita is hard enough without the enemies making clutch plays like this. Thanks dabzyu, and bad luck on this occasion. 

I love seeing players combining different sandbox rules to creative effect. Ddnz8 uses the buoyancy effect to stage a heist.

So. Much. Money. I've stared at this beautiful combination of effects about 50 times. Here's PhordPrefect's description of the build. 

"It's the small green super-bouncy spell with water trails and lightning arcs, double cast. The balls spit out an insane amount of water / gunpowder / fire compared to anything else, as far as I can tell.

I had the 'lightning' and 'breathless' perks, with explosive immunity; I basically flooded the entire last section of the game and swam through."

Noita is brutal, but I love the wands so much. The game is out now in Early Access.

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