The Escapists: The Walking Dead announced

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Prison is probably a place you don't want to be, hence The Escapists—Team 17's top-down game about escaping the slammer. A prison full of zombies is a place you definitely don't want to be, hence The Escapists: The Walking Dead—Team 17's newly announced top-down tie-in about escaping the clutches of, well, the walking dead.

You control leading man Rick Grimes—no, not Frank Grimes—across a variety of perilous locations; each one requiring that you escape with a team of familiar faces.

IGN has the exclusive announcement on this one, and so you can see the reveal trailer via their custom video-thing below:

The Escapists: The Walking Dead is being created in collaboration with Skybound Entertainment, and will follow the timeline of the comics. It's due out later this Summer.