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Telltale's Game of Thrones will include five playable characters

What we want from Telltale's Game of Thrones

Telltale Games' Game of Thrones will echo the complexity of George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire novels by including five playable protagonists, whose choices will affect every other member of the game's central family. The word comes from Steve Allison, Telltale's senior vice president of publishing, in an interview that was actually about the recent console releases The Walking Dead Season Two.

"Tales from the Borderlands adds multi-protagonist storytelling for us layered into the tailored narrative design established with The Walking Dead and it works amazingly well with two playable characters," Allison told IBTimes, describing the evolution of Telltale's style of storytelling. "In Game of Thrones we're taking that multi-protagonist design even further with five playable characters from the same family whose choices affect everyone in the family, and that adds a whole new layer to things that we're really excited about."

Unfortunately, he didn't reveal which family those five members will come from, but we won't be long before we find out: Telltale confirmed earlier this week that Game of Thrones will be out before the end of the year.

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