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Take on Bonfire Peaks' gorgeous mountain puzzles later this year

Jolly campfire climbing puzzler Bonfire Peaks begins its ascent in earnest later this year, publisher Draknek revealed in a new trailer today.

The first game to be published by the creator of delightful puzzlers like A Monster's Expedition and Cosmic Express, Bonfire Peaks is a calm, moody adventure about burning your belongings by veteran puzzle developer Corey Martin. I'd personally just throw my unwanted rubbish in the bin, but what do I know?

Well, I know that Bonfire Peaks is quite lovely, even for someone who doesn't often get along with this style of box-pusher. I gave the (still available) demo a shot last year, finding a puzzler that eases you gently into its particular brand of Sokoban by way of a carefully considered overworld and gradual ramp-up in challenges.

It's also bloody gorgeous, mind. Artists Mari Khaleghi and Zach Soares' have crafted a warm, soothing voxel forest to climb through, almost toy-like in appearance, encouraging you to take your time with even the tougher puzzles.

Bonfire Peaks is coming to PC, Mac and Linux via Steam this Autumn.

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