Climb ruins and burn your possessions in Bonfire Peaks

I like to climb. Not in real life, mind; I prefer to be inside and sitting down. But in the land of videogames, I've become a bit smitten with rambling hikes thanks to the likes of Death Stranding and A Short Hike. And now here comes Bonfire Peaks, with more things to climb. And burn, for some reason. 

It's another tricky puzzler from developer Corey Martin, who was also responsible for Pipe Push Paradise. The announcement trailer, above, doesn't give much away, but Martin says it's an open-world affair about climbing ruins and setting fire to your belongings. Normal orienteering stuff, then. 

Attachment is the theme, apparently, and you'll be able to "indulge your feelings" as you clamber over the ruins. Mysterious! More practically, you'll be picking stuff up, plonking stuff down and creating paths so you can eventually toss stuff in the titular bonfires. 

You'll be able to get in touch with your feelings later this year. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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