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Take a listen to Chvrches' Mirror's Edge: Catalyst theme song

Lisa Miskovsky's original Mirror's Edge theme has an unfortunate title, but it's a really good song that managed to be a departure from the usual videogame fare, while still perfectly nailing the flavor of the game. Mirror's Edge: Catalyst has a new theme, Warning Call, by a new performer, the Scottish synthpop band Chvrches, but it's very much in the same vein as its predecessor. 

The band said that Warning Call was written specifically for Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, “from the perspective of the game's heroine, Faith, and perfectly depicts her world, struggles, and strength.” More importantly, it maintains the aural aesthetic of the first game (I can't believe I just wrote that), which is to say, basically, that it's a good follow-up to Miskovsky's piece—and that, while a relatively small piece of the puzzle, bodes well for the game. It sounds, literally, like Mirror's Edge. 

It's really catchy, too. 

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst is set to come out on June 7.   

Thanks, GamesRadar.

Andy Chalk
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