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Streets of SimCity is available to play on PC thanks to a fan patch

A Reddit user by the name of alekasm has created a patch for the chaotic racing game Streets of SimCity, allowing us to enjoy the charm of 1997 driving games on PC. The patch is called SimStreetsX and is the creator’s second Sim series patch following their work on SimCopterX. 

Alekasm’s description on the SimStreetsX website explains that creating the patch for Streets of SimCity  was straight-forward due to the code being “VERY similar to SimCopter.” The patch also includes the same deathmatch multiplayer feature from the original, with the description explaining that players can “battle up to seven other players over a network."

If you’re looking to burn rubber on a rampage, SimStreetsX is available to download on the patch’s website with instructions on how to install the game in a post created by alekasm available on Reddit.