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Star Citizen: RSI campaign extended, new stretch goals announced

Chris Roberts' Star Citizen has reached its 2 million dollar goal , and to celebrate he's added some new stretch goals . If the project reaches $750,000, on Kickstarter alone, every player will start the game with a class 1 repair bot, which apparently acts as a "pilot's best friend". And if both campaigns reach $2.5 million, another pilotable ship will be added to the game: the Anvil Gladiator. This vessel is "a capital ship's worst nightmare." That's right - it's the Freddy Kreuger of the space federation.

Star Citizen's crowdfunding drive/s is now a confusing state of affairs, with two campaigns on two different websites, but with the combined total passing the original goal. To make things less confusing - or potentially more - Roberts has just added another ten days to the original campaign, so at least they'll both end at the same time. That time, of course, is November 19th, so if you're still looking to pledge you've only got, well, the best part of a month left. So no rush.