Star Citizen reaches $2m funding goal

Chris "Wing Commander" Roberts' campaign to fund sandbox space sim, Star Citizen, has failed. Oh no wait, the other thing. SUCCEEDED. Yes! RPS have combined the donated funds amassed on Kickstarter and the Star Citizen site using the power of maths and the total has indeed surpassed the $2m requested.

There are still 25 days left on the Kickstarter clock , so let's talk stretch goals. There don't seem to be any specific milestones listed, but the Kickstarter FAQ says that "with more funding we can include more ships, systems, unique locations, animations and cinematic sequences." The finished release will be a one-off purchase, though “some in-game items may be available as microtransactions." Roberts insists that all items sold can be earned in-game as well.

Find out more about this remarkably ambitious project in our Star Citizen preview . A big post detailing precisely how ships will work has also gone live on the Star Citizen site .

Tom Senior

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