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Skyforge open beta starts this month


A handful of people are still making MMOs (MOBAs being all the rage now), and in that handful is Obsidian Entertainment, of Pillars of Eternity and South Park fame, and also tanks and online science fiction. Skyforge is the thing they're making with Allods Online developers Allods Team, and they've just announced that its open beta begins on July 16th. (You can also buy a 'founder's pack' to get in on the 9th.)

'Is it free-to-play?' is the question you're probably asking, to which the answer is 'Yes'. It's free-to-play and it mixes sci-fi with ancient mythology, meaning it will allow you to "play like a god". (Hey. Some of us already do—oh I died again.) There's a new trailer above setting up the premise, and showing a bit of the game in action.