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Silent Hill 4's creepy apartment recreated in Unity

Silent Hill 4 Unity

Silent Hill 4 has its share of problems—being a mangled Silent Hill game cannibalised from another project will do that—but its first-person sections set in a spooky flat/apartment were terrific. In contrast to the creaky third-person monster-bashing and puzzle-solving of the rest of the game, these moments felt quietly, unsettlingly real.

More people need to revisit the idea, obviously, and Moonville Entertainment's Dennis Giesler and Vjaceslav Tissen kind of have with this impressive Unity demo. It's not playable by the rest of us, for probably obvious reasons, but it looks exactly as I remember it from Konami's game, albeit with higher resolution assets and less sluggish movement.

As the YouTube description puts it, "the modelling, texturing, programming, sound design and video editing is all selfmade", and you can find 1080p screenshots at the link.

Slightly tangentially, Allison Road is a thing you might be interested in. (Thanks, IndieGames.)