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Rocket League patch 1.05 is out now

Rocket League

Rocket League's substantial 1.05 patch has rolled out today to coincide with the launch of Season 1, and there are a bunch of features, fixes and additions that weren't announced last week. In addition to options to filter out PS4 players from matchmaking, there are new spectate mode improvements, a featured video area on the in-game blog roll, and a bunch of tweaks to the Utopia Coliseum.

Regarding the latter, the tweaks are fairly minor: daylight has been wound back to a bit earlier in the day, lighting and ambience has been "improved", and the level's boundaries have been "more clearly defined". Meanwhile, start positions and boost placements are more in line with the formats seen on other maps.

The full patch notes are over here. If you'd like to read something a bit more colourful than patch notes, why not enjoy Chris Thursten's raw and confronting story about sliding into Rocket League addiction.

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