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Rick May tribute added to Team Fortress 2

(Image credit: Valve)

Actor Rick May, who voiced Team Fortress 2's Soldier, died last month at age 79. He had contracted COVID-19 while recovering from a stroke, according to Rekindle School, where he taught voiceover acting.

Today, Valve released a Team Fortress 2 update which adds a tribute to May in the form of statues that can be found in each of the official maps. The inscription at the base of each statue reads "That was a hell of a campaign son!" in reference to one of the Soldier's voice lines. The tribute also includes a new main menu theme.

Following the news of May's death on April 13, many in the Team Fortress 2 community shared their own tributes, and TF2 Sniper voice actor John Patrick Lowrie posted a brief eulogy. "I knew the man whose passing leaves a huge hole in my heart and I believe so many others," he wrote.

The tribute will last for the month of May, according to an in-game message.

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