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Resident Evil: Village's demo lasted long enough to add a Barney mod

Resident Evil: Village's well, village, is full of bizarre and horrific creatures. Locust witches, twisted half-werewolves, and massive vampires that the internet universally wants to step on their face. With neighbours like that, what's the harm in adding an unsettlingly plush purple dinosaur?

Last weekend's Resident Evil demo may have have been brief, but it stuck around just long enough to add Barney the Dinosaur to the horror game's cursed town. Like Thomas the Tank Engine, Barney is pretty much a modding staple—but I'm not sure he's ever looked as terrifying as he has here, our hapless hero trying to shake off a horde of purple brutes in underlit catacombs.

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Barney isn't the only out-of-place character Marcos has dropped into Village either, with the modder releasing plenty of model-swaps over on his Patreon. There's something particularly upsetting about replacing the game's monsters with Brazilian model-turned-meme Ricardo Milos, candlelight glistening against the skin of these sweaty, axe-wielding hunks.

Granted, Barney would be right at home in Capcom's latest Resi trailer, which turned the menagerie of monsters into adorable felt puppets. Resident Evil: Village launches this Friday—though PC players have already figured out how to extend last week's time-restricted demo indefinitely.

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