Kingdom Hearts 3 gets a Thomas the Tank Engine mod, of course

Thomas the Tank Engine in Kingdom Hearts 3
(Image credit: calebsmores)

Thomas the Tank Engine must have a mighty long CV these days. From being Monster Hunter's newest Elder Dragon to transforming into a giant train snake, plonking old Tommy into videogames is just a rite of passage at this point. With Kingdom Hearts 3 mods starting to trickle in over the last week, it's only natural that the train has now ventured into the Disney/Final Fantasy mashup.

Modder calebsmores has replaced the tram that circles around Twilight Town with a slightly terrifying rendition of the Tank Engine—his glowing eyes have stared straight into my soul, letting me know he's most definitely flattened a Disney princess or two in his lifetime. It's just a model and texture replacement, so don't expect the theme tune or any ear-splitting whistles.

The Kingdom Hearts 3 mods have been relatively tame so far as people find their feet with the game, so this Thomas mod feels like its official initiation into the PC gaming club. You can grab the mod over on Nexus, which just needs extracting into the game's paks folder.

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Mollie Taylor
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