Resident Evil's giant vampire lady could absolutely crush your skull

Resident Evil Village - Vampire mom
(Image credit: Capcom)

YouTuber Kyle Hill has calculated exactly how much face-crushing force Resident Evil Village's fan-favourite giantess could output with a single step—but somehow, I don't think that'll be turning off Lady Dimitrescu's legions of adorers.

Spotted by Kotaku (who, perhaps naively thought this might change the minds of folks who want Lady D to step on their faces), Hill worked out how hard the massive vampire could kick in a sponsored video for Capcom. Starting with her official height of 9'6", the YouTuber worked backwards, calculating Lady D's approximate weight by estimating her Body Mass Index (BMI).

While still used by many healthcare professionals, BMI is a tremendously flawed health metric—one that tries to boil down "health" using weight and height. It is often incorrect, and frequently racist (charts are skewed heavily towards white European bodies), but it does give a very rough starting point for working out just how much Dimitrescu weighs. I imagine she doesn't care to be asked.

BMI charts also don't account for 9ft tall women, which meant a little bit of number-fudging on Hill's part. He eventually comes to a figure of 205kg (450 pounds). Assuming she puts all her body weight behind a step, her foot would crush with 145 million pascals of pressure—or "more than half of what it would take to puncture structural steel".

In context, that's enough to put a stiletto heel straight through a head of ballistic gel like it was nothing.

A plastic head is crushed with the force of a giant vampire's foot

(Image credit: Kyle Hill)

PlayStation owners are currently able to check out a time-limited demo, one we'll be getting a chance to dive into on May 2nd. Resident Evil Village launches proper on May 4th, and features the return of the arcade-like Mercenaries mode. Our Andy K's been playing, and is finding Village to be a brilliant homage to Resident Evil 4.

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