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Rainbow Six Siege's Raleigh Major is live all weekend

The quarterfinal phase of the Rainbow Six Siege Major in Raleigh has kicked off today, the beginning of three more days of action between eight remaining teams.

Earlier in the week, 16 teams gathered in North Carolina to fight for the final spots in the tournament. Those left standing now battle for the biggest share of a $500,000 prize pool in Rainbow Six's first-ever US-based Major. Here's the schedule for the final stages of the Siege tournament:

Friday, August 16 

10 AM EDT—Forze vs Vodafone Giants (Quarterfinal 1)
1 PM EDT—Spacestation vs Team Secret (Quarterfinal 2)
4 PM EDT—Team Empire vs FaZe Clan (Quarterfinal 3)
7 PM EDT—G2 Esports vs Team SoloMid (Quarterfinal 4)
10 PM EDT—Daily wrap-up

Saturday, August 17 

10:30 AM—Pre-show
11 AM—Showmatch
12:30 PM—Semifinal 1
3:30 PM—Semifinal 2
7 PM—Daily wrap-up

Sunday, August 18

11 AM—Showmatch
1:30 PM—Rainbow Six Siege DLC reveal & esports panel
2:30 PM—Grand Final
7:30 PM—Closing Ceremony

One Latin American team remains in the bracket (FaZe), with five of the eight squads coming from Europe and two NA-based squads filling out the competition. The tournament winner will receive $200,000. Coming into play, Capitão, Mira, and Echo are among the operators banned most consistently by pro players.

All stages of the tournament will be broadcast on through the weekend. On Sunday at 1:30 PM EDT, Ubisoft will present the next wave of operators coming to the game in the next season of Rainbow Six Siege. I'm at the event here in Raleigh all weekend and have a full breakdown of the new stuff on Sunday.

For more tournament scoring, brackets, and more information, head over to Ubisoft's esports page.

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