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PUBG's Vikendi map has been overhauled and will return to the game soon

(Image credit: PUBG Corp)

PUBG's Vikendi map was removed at the end of January to make way for Karain, a comparatively small map designed for 64 players. But fans of that old snow-drenched expanse can rest assured that the map is coming back, with a revised version hitting test servers this Thursday.

The news was confirmed on Twitter by PUBG community manager Hawkinz, who confirmed the map will not replace any other currently in rotation, and that the train depicted in the screenshot above does indeed move

It looks like access will be restricted to PUBG Partners' custom games for the testing period, which runs Thursday 11pm through to Sunday 11pm PT. According to a leaker earlier this month, the new map will be far less snowier than Vikendi's previous version, and the old Dino Park will be expanded and renamed to Dinoland. Naturally, railways and trains are also added.

PUBG Corp recently detailed its ongoing efforts to fix various enduring problems with the game, ranging crashes through to cheating. Meanwhile, the game is getting a new Team Deathmatch mode when it's highly anticipated 6.2 update rolls out. 

Cheers, The Loadout.

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