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PC Gamer Club Legendary members get this Path of Exile helmet while stocks last

Path of Exile, which just launched its Betrayal update to a massive reception, remains one of the best free-to-play games around. Steven covered the update in detail back in November—it was described as "one of the biggest changes to Path of Exile since The Fall of Oriath added six new story chapters".

We've got a little treat for PC Gamer Club members this week. Anyone signed up to the Legendary tier gets a key for the Purple Skull Helmet while stocks last—existing members got theirs yesterday. We'll send out to new members, too, while we have them spare. The helmet is a skin that turns any piece of equipped headware into a fetching magical skull that burns purple eternally. Enjoy. 

Samuel has been PC gaming since 1993, beginning with the questionable Mario Is Missing on DOS. He knows that Red Alert has the best skirmish mode of all the C&C games, and if you disagree, he’ll attach a tiny balloon to you and send you back to mother base.