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Now the Divinity studio is teasing us with calamari and kraken

Yesterday, Larian's website was plastered with a big number three. That might cause one to assume the Divinity studio is about to announce Divinity: Original Sin 3 (or maybe even Divinity 3), but evidence actually points to something a little different. Poke around in the video file, and you'll find references to Baldur's Gate 3 and Wizards of the Coast.

Today, Larian replaced that video with a new one featuring tentacles wrapping around the Roman numeral. Naturally, I immediately downloaded it and opened it in a text editor to hunt for more clues.

The studio was more careful this time. There aren't any references to games or companies in the metadata that I could find, but there are lots of mentions of kraken, squid, and calamari. 

There's also a reference to a Photoshop layer called "Swen's Birthday Party." I wasn't sure what to make of that one until Andy pointed me to a tweet from Larian CEO Swen Vincke:

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You tricksters, you.

Like the font of the logo, references to kraken imply another Divinity game, as Divinity: OS2 opens with a tentacled sea creature ripping apart a boat. But that doesn't explain the very clear Baldur's Gate 3 data in the first video, which Larian declined to comment on yesterday.

Maybe the tentacles are just a misdirection?

The great thing is that I'll probably be happy either way. Larian is making Baldur's Gate 3? That seems pretty certain given yesterday's leak, and that's cool, sounds good. But if Larian is making Divinity: Original Sin 3? Hell yeah, also good. And if Larian is making both? Yes, I would like those videogames to be made.

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With E3 2019 just over a week away, and lots of announcements sure to come before and during it, we're probably going to find out what this is all about very soon.

Tyler Wilde

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