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Muri: a DOS-style platformer inspired by Duke Nukem and Commander Keen

Things were so much easier in the days of DOS. Actually, no, they were quite a bit more fiddly, but there is something pure and exciting about giving your computer typed commands, rather than wrestling with a Bill Gates-approved interface. Muri - "a simple DOS-like platform shooter inspired by Duke Nukem and Commander Keen" - takes us back to those halycon days. There's no XP system, no Twitter integration, no micro-transactions. In their place: a Samus-esque main character who looks a bit like a rabbit, an "optional turbo mode", and music that will be stuck in my head all day. Catch the lovely announcement trailer after the break.

Floppy disks? I remember when games came on Eighteenth-century Jack-in-the-boxes. Other titbits about Muri, which will apparently be released on Steam sometime in the next couple of weeks: the game's comprised of four separate episodes, there will be two display modes and four difficulty levels, and there's a bunch of other elements you'll have to figure out for yourself. Read more in this inaugural dev blog .

Developer Daniel Remar previously gave the world the wonderful Iji , which was indie before Indie had a capital I. Gawp at its awesome, old trailer below.

Thanks, IndieGames !