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Max Payne 3 screenshots put young Max in trouble

Max Payne 3

"Where is Max Payne?" I wondered briefly somewhere in the midst of the E3 earlier this year. Everyone's favourite dual-wielding, slow motion grump skipped E3 and Gamescom this year. We assumed he was slumped in a corner somewhere, downing painkillers and polishing his guns, but these two new screens say otherwise. He been trapped in a corridor all this time. Okay, snipers are covering every inch of the walkway, but that's no excuse. In Max Payne's world there's no problem that can't be solved with a slow sideways dive and a hail of gunfire. See both screens below.

The time skipping story of Max Payne 3 will show our hero at various stages of his life, from young, angry cop to old, angry man in a Hawaiian shirt. There's still no release date, but you'll find all of the images released so far (and not much else) on the Max Payne 3 site . Here are the images. Breaking glass: CONFIRMED.

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