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Mass Effect: Andromeda has XCOM-like plasma rifles and pyromaniac builds

Following Mass Effect: Andromeda's lead designer Ian Frazier on Twitter ahead of the action role-player's March 21 launch is proving more fruitful by the day. After teasing details on the game's craftable "krogan-style" hammers and "dedicated melee weapon slots" last week, he's now made mention of a self-made craftable plasma rifle—the elegantly named 'Big Pew Pew'—and the fact that he's running a pyromaniac Ryder build. 

Frazier teased information regarding his own current playthrough while fielding prospective player questions. "May we see a screenshot of 'Big Pew Pew' the assault rifle" asked one intrepid Twitter user David Lechleitner, to which Frazier responded: "I can't. It would be like looking into the Ark of the Covenant."

"*BEEP* Free information limit has been reached. *BEEP*", read a concluding tweet which followed the above. 

Given we've been been made to wait for Mass Effect: Andromeda for quite so long, anything over and above the scant official trailers and details we can gather is more than welcomed. I'd definitely suggest following Frazier yourself, however we'll continue to post any new information we get between now and ME:A's March 21 launch. Not long now.