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Mass Effect Andromeda crafting is 'quite a bit different' to Dragon Age: Inquisition

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As was briefly shown during December's Game Awards, Mass Effect: Andromeda—like many of developer BioWare's previous games, although a first for ME—will include crafting. Now, the incoming space-flung action role-player's lead designer Ian Frazier has teased a little more of what that'll entail when the game lands on March 21 this year. 

Speaking on Twitter, Frazier suggested crafting will allow players to build their own krogan-style hammers, which can be named "GRABTHAR'S HAMMER", should they desire. The possibilities are "endless", reckons Frazier, which has seen senior designer Justin Perez design an assault rifle and a sniper rifle named Fast and Furious, respectively. 

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Besides the omni-blade, melee weapons have only ever appeared in Mass Effect's multiplayer component previously, however will feature in Andromeda's single-player campaign. Players will start with an upgradable omni-blade, says Frazier, but will also harness a dedicated melee weapon slot. 

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Mass Effect: Andromeda is due March 21, 2017. Here's another look inside the Tempest: