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Mass Effect 2 is now free on Origin

Mass Effect 2, which after a rigorous application of the scientific method we determined to be the best of the original Mass Effect trilogy, is now free on Origin. 

The standard edition of ME2, which is missing bonus weapons and armor, soundtrack, digital art book, and other bits of content included with the not-free Digital Deluxe Edition, is the latest game to be added to EA's "On the House" lineup. There are no catches: Just go here, click the "Add to my library" button, and have yourself a nice day. Once you've got it, you keep it forever, but it is a time-limited offer so you should probably get on it. 

If you've missed Mass Effect so far and like what you see in ME2 (which, despite our obvious and incontrovertible proof, is not my favorite of the series), you can currently snag the full trilogy for $15—half-off the regular price.